Our Approach

We are passionate about our duty to involve people in any plans, proposals or decisions that are likely to impact on the services we provide. This is the right way to ensure our services meet the needs and hopes of people living in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and reduce health inequalities so that everyone has the same opportunity to live a happy and healthy life.

We have already made significant steps in developing our approach to involving people and communities but recognise that our approach will be refined over time with further input from our local health and care partners and the communities we serve.

Our vision is ‘To create a culture of inclusion and involvement throughout our ICS so people and communities are able and enthusiastic about contributing in a meaningful way to help develop services that improve the lives of our whole population.’

With our partners and communities, we have developed ten principles to guide our approach to involving people. These are:

  • Seek out, listen, and respond to the needs, experiences, and wishes of our communities to improve our health and care services
  • Ensure people are involved within everything we do as an ICS – from an individual’s care, to service design and making decisions about health and care priorities
  • Relationships between our communities and health and care organisations are based on equal partnerships, trust, and mutual respect
  • Use existing and new knowledge about our communities to understand their needs, experiences and wishes for their health and care by developing methods for gaining people’s insights
  • Involve people early and clearly explain the purpose of the involvement opportunities
  • Reach out to and involve groups and individuals who are often seldom heard by working with community partners and organisations
  • Make sure the communications and the ways people can get involved are clear and accessible
  • Record what people say and let them know what happened as a result
  • Ensure staff understand the importance of involving people in their work, and have the skills and resources they need to do it
  • Learn from when involvement is done well and when it could be improved.

Working with our communities

The Covid-19 pandemic strengthened the way we work together with partners and communities. It harnessed and strengthened relationships driven by a shared purpose with a focus on health inequalities.

Our ambition is to build on the progress we have made and the relationships we have developed with our communities, stakeholders, and partner organisations to make Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin a great place to live and work.

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Page last updated 29 June 2022