The Equality and Involvement Committee (EIC)

The Equality and Involvement Committee (EIC) is a formal committee of NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin (NHS STW). 

The primary role of the Committee is to provide assurance to the Board that its strategies, plans, service designs and developments have adequately and appropriately:  

  • considered and addressed the health and care needs and aspirations of residents in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin who do, or may, experience inequalities in access to health services and health outcomes   
  • involved people who do, or may, use the services under consideration.  

The EIC is a sounding board for programme leads, providing advice and suggestions on how impact assessments and engagement plans can be developed and strengthened, and people and communities identified and reached. 

The Chair of the EIC will provide a written report to programme leads with the Committee’s findings, setting out any recommendations.  As part of the programme management governance process, programme leads will be required to evidence their attendance at the EIC and outcome to the Integrated Delivery Committee. 

In assessing how adequately and appropriately health equality and involvement has been considered and addressed, the EIC will pay particular attention to the relevant legislation including, but not limited to, the Equality Act 2010 and Sections 14Z1, 14Z2 and 14Tof the NHS Act 2006. 

Meet the Committee members:

Integrated Care System members:

Meredith Vivian (Chair) Non-Executive Director for NHS STW 

Paula Mawson Public Health Specialist, Shropshire Council 

Liz Noakes Public Health Specialist, Telford & Wrekin Council 

Public members:

Ashia Miah, Telford

  • Previously held several positions across a wide variety of industries and charities
  • Founder and Chair of Shropshire and Telford United Women’s Association, Muslim Chaplain at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals Trust and Group Facilitator for Domestic Abuse at Victim Support
  • Interest in BAME, diversity, inequalities and community involvement

Beverley Ashton, Telford

  • Background in local government, not for profit and charity sectors, holding senior management and board positions
  • Expert by Experience
  • Interest in communications, equality, engagement and involvement

Dawn Yapp-Altinsoy, Shropshire

  • Background as a mental health nurse
  • Experience in advocacy, youth justice, housing, safeguarding and education
  • Interest in community involvement, equality and diversity

Duncan Spilsbury, Shropshire,

  • VCSE, public and private sector experience
  • Member of the Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership and Community Resource
  • Interest in community involvement, preventative health and diversity

Jackie Jones, Shropshire

  • Background in Financial Services and customer facing services
  • Active public member within a number of forums, and groups
  • Interest in dementia, health inequalities and community involvement

Rosemary Hooper, Shropshire

  • Background working with parents, carers, young people, and SEN
  • Previously head of Shropshire Virtual School for Care Experienced learners
  • Interest in physical and mental health, fairness and inclusion

Sherrel Fikeis, Telford

  • Background in equality and inclusion
  • Strong links with the BAME community
  • Interest in equality, community involvement, and inclusion

Susan North M.B.E, Telford

  • Background in social work and worked for local authorities, SEND, VCSE and NHS
  • Head of Improving Quality, National Learning Disability and Autism Programme, NHS England
  • Interest in disabilities, involvement, equality, diversity, children and young people


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