Information for people with a learning disability and autism

Why do I need the Covid vaccine?

The coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines are safe and effective.

They give you the best protection against Covid-19.

They will help your body fight Covid without getting poorly.

Click here for an easy read guide to the Covid vaccine.


Do I need a booster vaccine? 

The protection from the coronavirus vaccines doesn’t last forever in your body.

It is important to get your booster vaccine to help keep you safe for longer.

Click here for an easy read guide to the booster vaccine.


How do I get the vaccine? 

You can book your vaccine online.

Or find your nearest walk-in clinic. Here you can get one without making an appointment.

If you have a learning disability, tell your GP.

You’ll get access to extra support to help book and get your vaccine.

Book your vaccine

Book an appointment for your Covid-19 vaccine

Walk-in vaccine clinics

See our walk-in Covid-19 vaccine clinics

What to expect after your vaccine 

After you’ve had the vaccine, you might feel unwell for a short time.

This is called having side effects. Side effects don’t usually make you feel very poorly, and not everyone gets them.

Click here to see an easy read guide explaining what to expect after your vaccination.


What if I’m scared of needles? 

Please do not let a fear of needles stop you getting your vaccine or booster.

Talk to your doctor or nurse if you are worried about needles, there are things they can do to help you.

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What if I might be pregnant, I am pregnant or I am breast feeding my baby?

The coronavirus vaccine has had lots of tests to make sure it is safe.

If you are pregnant you should have your Covid vaccines to protect you and your baby.

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Easy read guides

Take a look at these easy read guides to Covid-19 and the vaccine


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