Long term effects of Covid-19

Your Covid Recovery is a new NHS website designed to help people recover from the long-term effects of coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19.

If you have had Covid-19, you may still have some physical symptoms, such as, breathlessness, a cough and a lack of energy.

You may also have psychological symptoms, such as feeling scared or anxious, depressed, having trouble sleeping and struggling to remember or concentrate.

Long Covid Clinic

The Long Covid Clinic service is for patients in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin with Long Covid.

The Clinic provides both face-to-face and virtual appointments, which means it can offer telephone and video appointments to people for an initial assessment so they don’t have to travel.

At the initial appointment, patients can find out the care and support that’s available to them and the next steps, which may be to have some more tests, see one of the specialist clinicians that form part of the Long Covid Clinic or be referred into other existing services, as well as where to get further help and advice from.

It aims to provide help and support to local people suffering from Post Covid Syndrome, which is commonly known as Long Covid. Although most people recover from Covid, there are some who experience more longer-term effects including a range of conditions such as breathlessness, poor sleep, fatigue, and a cough as well as anxiety and a low mood.

The service is run jointly by Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust and NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, with support provided by Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH) and Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT).

Who is this service for?

The service is open to children and adults across the county who have had symptoms of Covid for more than 12 weeks.

You don’t need to have been treated in hospital for Covid or have had a positive Covid test result to get help from the new Long Covid Clinic.

Which clinicians work within this service?

Working in partnership, we have brought together specialists, ranging from Rehabilitation Physiotherapists, General Practitioners, as well as Mental Health and Respiratory Health Specialists to create a Long Covid Clinic.  

How do I get a referral?

Anyone who has had symptoms of Long Covid for 12 weeks, or more, should contact their GP who can refer into the service.

For more information on Long Covid, visit: www.yourcovidrecovery.nhs.uk

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Page last updated 28 June 2022