Mia had a persistent temperature and tummy bug

I’ve always known about ringing 111 if you or someone you know needs urgent medical help, or aren’t sure of which service is needed. But they’re under so much pressure these days, it can take a while before someone is available. 

A few weeks back, little Mia had a persistent tummy bug and temperature that left her dehydrated, so I thought about taking her to A&E.  

Instead, I put her symptoms into 111.nhs.uk and immediately, it organised a call back with a nurse. They helped put my mind at ease and recommended some over-the-counter medicine that helped her feel better. 

That’s why, as a family, we’ve started using 111.nhs.uk when someone is unwell. It works in the same way as 111, but without having to wait for a telephone operator to answer.  

If you or a loved one needs urgent medical attention for something that isn’t life-threatening, visit 111.nhs.uk for the right help for your symptoms.

You can access NHS 111 online on a smartphone, tablet or computer - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Page last updated 15 May 2024