Good Boost

Good Boost is a multi-award-winning social enterprise working with community, leisure and health teams to deliver therapeutic exercise and self-management support in the heart of the community.

  • Good Boost provides both Land and Aquatic exercise programmes.
  • Low-level, rehab-focused exercises, designed to improve function and symptoms at a particular body area (lower-back, shoulder, hip, knee). Participants can also choose to work on a rehab aim such as improving balance, strength or cardio vascular fitness.
  • Aqua-natal programmes are also available through the Bump Boost programmes.
  • While each participant has their own tailored exercise programme, Good Boost is delivered in a group class with the support and motivation of a facilitator. Participants feel connected and supported, addressing feelings of social isolation and having fun along the way.

To download the Good Boost leaflet, click here.

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Page last updated 22 May 2024