Target patient information leaflets on antibiotics are designed to be shared with patients during consultation and aim to facilitate communication between prescriber and patient and increase the patient’s confidence in self-care.

Please see below a number of resources for your reference:

UTI Patient Leaflet

For women under 65 years with suspected lower UTIs or lower recurrent UTIs (cystitis or urethritis)

UTI Leaflet for Older Adults and Carers

For older adults who are at risk of UTI, experiencing urinary symptoms or have been diagnosed with a UTI

RTI Patient Leaflet

For patients who are experiencing self-limiting RTIs

RTI Pictorial Leaflet

Self-care advice, symptom duration and serious symptoms

Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections: Quick Reference Tool  for Primary Care

Diagnostic flowcharts and key diagnostic points

e-LfH Out of Hospital Management of UTIs in Elderly Patients

Educational film to support health and care workers to diagnose, manage and prevent UTIs in community settings

TARGET Antibiotic Training Modules

Open access and CPD accredited learning resources highlighting key easy actions you can take to help improve antibiotic prescribing, the patient journey, self-care and reducing future consultations

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Page last updated 26 March 2021