Aaran goes above and beyond as Star of the Month

23 March 2023

Aaran West, Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) supervisor, has been awarded this month’s Star of the Month by our Chief Executive Simon Whitehouse.

Aaran was nominated by Phoebie Taylor and Milly Anderton.

Phoebie said: “As a supervisor for the team he not only does jobs that fall within this remit he also undertakes other roles such as sorting IT issues and being an all-round handy man for our office. I think he often gets overlooked for the fabulous work he does. He’s always going above and beyond his job descriptions to keep the POD office on the right track.”

Milly said: “Aaran is always there to help the team when needed and goes above and beyond to ensure things are done promptly and correctly. In the absence of POD manager over the past few weeks, he has really stepped up and supported other supervisors massively despite still being on the same pay grade - Aaran has more experience than myself and the other POD supervisor as he has been in the job longer and we can always go to him for support. I feel as though he deserves recognition as his hard work does not go unnoticed - the whole team appreciate all he does on a daily basis. Thank you, Aaran.”

Whilst presenting the award, Simon Whitehouse said, “What colleagues write about each other is fantastic. Congratulations Aaron, and thank you for everything you do and the difference you make to your team.”

After being awarded Star of the Month, Aaran said: “Thank you very much for the nominations and it is lovely to hear the kind of words that have been said.  I am thrilled to receive the star of the month and I am sure that I will keep reminding people for months to come!”

The Star of the Month Award recognises the commitment and dedication of staff members who go above and beyond what is expected of them to make a difference to patients, the public and colleagues.

Page last updated 23 March 2023