Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust Pride Month

ShropCom’s LGBTQ+ Staff group is relaunching during Pride Month, Thursday 29 June.  

The focus of this meeting will be looking at the results of the staff survey through an LGBTQ+ lens, and to try to understand some of the staff experience behind the numbers.

Mark Goodfellow, Digital Clinical Lead for Virtual Ward and ShropCom LGBTQ+ Staff Group’s Chair Says: 

“The relaunch of the group is incredibly important.  It shows staff that we are committed to encouraging inclusivity whilst also providing a place where members of the group can discuss policies, support each other, raise awareness, and work together to make ShropCom a great place to work where people are comfortable to bring their whole selves.”  

The 2022 NHS staff survey tells us that for NHS in England, significant inequality is still evident for LGBTQ+ staff. That translates to worse staff experience for at least one in twenty people working in the NHS.  

We are also aware that the Pride in Practice national results may have a similar impact on LGBTQ+ staff as they have on our patients. This demonstrates that 10% of patients report having a bad experience because they identify as LGBTQ+.  

Any member of staff who would like to attend the group meeting please contact Mark Goodfellow or Fiona Macpherson  If staff members are unable to attend the meeting, or they don’t feel comfortable about attending the meeting then they can also contact Mark or Fiona to see how the Trust can support their involvement around this vitally important piece of work. Any communication will be treated in strictest confidence.  

We look forward to welcoming as many people as possible to the meeting.  

Page last updated 20 June 2023