All-age Autism Hubs

The community based All Age Autism Hubs enable individuals and their families to better understand their autistic identity, meet and socialise with other people, become more confident and independent and find other organisations who may be able to help and support you and your family.

Telford Autism Hub is a CVS community managed project for Telford residents. The Adult Hub is available to any adult identifying as autistic. The Children's Autism Hub is available to children and young people aged 0-18 and their families, who have a formal diagnosis of Autism.

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Shropshire Autism Hub is the umbrella for a range of services provided for residents of Shropshire. The Adult Autism Hub (over 18 years) is coordinated by A4U. Autism West Midlands provide the locally based service for children and young people under 18 years and their families. A diagnosis is not required to access either of these services.

Autism Assessment

  • Shropshire and Telford Autism Hubs offer a first point of contact for adults who are concerned that they may be autistic and are seeking an NHS autism assessment.
  • BeeU (CAMHS) provides neurodevelopmental assessments for children aged 5-18 years and Shropshire Community Health Trust for children who are under five years.

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Page last updated 11 April 2024