GP services at Highley Medical Centre continued until June 2023

6 March 2023

Access to GP services at Highley Medical Centre will continue until the end of June 2023, health leaders from NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin have confirmed.

Health services at Highley Medical Centre will continue for a further three months and will maintain the same provision as previously offered, whilst a procurement exercise is carried out to secure a new provider.

The same doctors and health professionals will be available during this three-month extension period, allowing time for the transition to take place smoothly and for the new provider, once appointed, to organise the service effectively.

Details of the new provider will be shared publicly once the procurement process has been completed later this month (March 2023).

Emma Pyrah, Associate Director of Primary Care at NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, said: “We are pleased to confirm that GP services will be continued by our current provider until June this year, meaning that transition will be smoother for our patients and continuity of care easier to maintain. The same doctors, health professionals and services will be available to patients during this period.  

“Since November 2022, when the practice announced plans to end its GP contract, we know there has been a lot of concern from patients and residents about access to health services in the parish. We hope that this news will help to reassure the people of Highley that progress is being made, and we will continue to keep people up to date on any further developments.

“Behind the scenes, and alongside our partners, we have been working extensively to consider available options, as well as exploring long-term solutions for health services in the parish.

“Although we are not able to share details at this present time, due to commercial sensitivities, we will share the outcome of the procurement process when we are able and will provide clear guidance to patients on what, if anything, they will need to do.

“I would like to take this opportunity to reassure the people of Highley that no patient will be left without access to GP services, and that with the support of the local community and our partners, we are exploring exciting opportunities for the parish which we hope to share more details of in due course.”

For those seeking help and advice in relation to health services in Highley, please contact the Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) by emailing: or calling 01952 580407.

Staff members at Highley Medical Centre are also available to answer any questions that patients may have.

Page last updated 6 March 2023