From “ray of sunshine” to Star of the Month

13 July 2023

At this week’s NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin’s Staff Huddle, Simon Whitehouse, CEO, awarded July’s Star of the Month to a hugely valued team member, Naomi Martin.

Naomi, Senior Communications and Engagement Administrator, received nominations from her team, endorsed by Edna Boampong, Director of Communications and Engagement.

Naomi’s colleagues in the Communications and Engagement Team said: “As a team we want to nominate our Communications and Engagement Administrator as Star of the Month. Naomi is 100% the star of our team and we would all be lost without her. She is incredibly organised, and multi tasks all the time, she never complains and never says no to a request for help. She is always smiling and upbeat with colleagues and is genuine ray of sunshine.”

Edna Boampong said: “I am delighted to endorse Naomi for the Star of the Month. She is dedicated and hardworking and always willing to help. Naomi's exceptional organisational skills, attention to detail, and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously makes her an invaluable asset to our team. She has a proactive and positive attitude and always has a smile on her face, which brings a smile to my face and that of others. We would be lost without her.”

Jackie Robinson said: “I am considered as a bit of a technophobe and whenever I get stuck, which is often, I just shout out “technical alert” to Naomi and over she comes and sorts it all out, making me look much better than I am. Naomi is “the oracle” of information everyone’s go to person. She is an amazing colleague and support to me as a relatively new person in the organisation. Thanks Naomi, you’re our team superstar!”

Kate Manning said: “Naomi is the backbone of our team. She goes above and beyond to support people, within our team and wider and will turn her hand to absolutely anything. She’s the font of all knowledge and if she doesn’t know the answer, she will do everything she can to find it. She puts her heart into everything she does, is quick to volunteer to help, always giving 100% and always with a smile on her face.”

Cameron said: “Naomi is the ultimate team player, and she’s quite honestly the glue that holds us together as a communications team. She does that in a multitude of ways, ranging from supporting each and every one of us in our hour of need, to being able to answer almost any work-related question imaginable. Personally, she’s helped me a great deal with the development of Shro & Tel (our staff intranet), which often times is a complicated and daunting project to work on. Her willingness to support us all is more helpful than she probably realises – we’re very lucky to have her!”

Laura Case said: “Since I joined the team, Naomi has been my go-to gal for any query, from where to go for lunch to who can help with work-related queries. She will always offer a helping hand and will do a fantastic job at everything she does, with a smile on her face! She makes anyone and everyone feel welcome and included and is a pinnacle member of our communications and engagement family.”

Rachael Jones said: “I think Naomi very much deserves the Star of the Month award as she is always willing to help and is a tremendous support to everyone within the Communications and Engagement team at very busy times. Since joining us, she has continuously impressed with her can-do attitude and willingness to try her hand at new skills. Her brilliant ability to solve problems and project manage helps us out on many occasions, and she is a font of knowledge on so much stuff I have no idea about. I am grateful for her continued enthusiasm and positivity, and I think she deserves this recognition as she is a star to everyone. I hope Naomi realises how valued she is within the team.”

Harriet Hopkins said: “Naomi is the glue that holds the team together, the oracle of information and a true star in every sense! She deserves the recognition of Star of the Month as she hard working, helpful and a fabulous support not only to all C&E team members, but to colleagues across the system.

“She juggles multiple tasks from Edna’s diary (which must be a challenge!), to producing fabulous social media graphics to delivering training on presentation skills. She has many talents, but her project management skills of keeping the team organised, on track and supported at all times are second to none. Thank you, Naomi for everything you do!”

Martin Rogers said: “Naomi is absolutely reliable and always one step ahead. She is the oil that keeps the team working smoothly every week, and always knows the answers to my questions. She had no hesitation in taking the lead at a recent engagement event when I was ill, speaking with senior stakeholders and elected members with confidence about what we were doing.”

Sara Buckley said: “Naomi is my go-to person for any queries and on the rare occasion she doesn’t know the answer, she always has a sensible suggestion and goes out of her way to be helpful. She is knowledgeable, efficient, kind, friendly and a joy to work alongside.

“During the Big Health and Wellbeing Conversation engagement she not only used her previous teaching expertise to help consider how best to engage young people but also went above and beyond in coming along to some of the schools to engage with the young people.”

Jayne Morris said: “Naomi is my go-to for help when I’m stumped. I know she will point me in the right direction, in good time and with good grace. She’s gentle, caring and highly efficient which is a rare and precious combo.”

The Star of the Month Award recognises the commitment and dedication of staff members who go above and beyond what is expected of them to make a difference to patients, the public and/or colleagues. Simon Whitehouse presented the award in the NHS STW staff huddle, and reiterated how great it was to have Naomi in the organisation.

After receiving the award, Naomi said: “It was a great feeling to receive Star of the Month, and very unexpected. Thank you to my wonderful colleagues who shared such kind words and recognising my work. I am incredibly lucky to work with such inspiring and caring people, who make it easy to work each day with a smile and have taught me so much.”

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