Barrie and Caroline shine brightly over the winter months as Stars of the Month

12 January 2023

Image shows Caroline Salisbury in front of a star-shaped background.
Image shows Barrie Reis-Seymour with a star shaped background.

Caroline Salisbury and Barrie Reis-Seymour have been awarded the Star of the Month for NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin (NHS STW) for December 2022 and January 2023.

Caroline was nominated by Frances Sutherland and Laura Clare.

Laura said: “she is a true example of how finance business partnering can really work and benefit the whole organisation. She is a shining star of positivity within the finance team but she also works as a true embedded member of the Mental Health team. She is an example of how we all aspire to work in a collaborative system and always has the patient/resident at the heart of everything she works on. She is always positive, smiling and upbeat, and helps to lift all of our spirits.”

Frances said: “Caroline is not only brilliant at her job but also radiates smiles and positivity.  Caroline radiates happiness and always brings a smile to the room.

Since winning, Caroline said: “Thank you so much for awarding me Star of the Month! I’m really sad to be leaving Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin next month after 7 years, and how brilliant to end on such a high!”

Barrie was nominated by Laura Casey, Fiona Smith, Beth Rhodes and Alison Massey.

Laura said: “Barrie has provided a constant, reassuring presence, supporting the team and providing much needed leadership and direction. I count myself very lucky to have worked so closely with Barrie over the last four years and whilst he now works in a different directorate, I would like him to know how much of a positive impact he has had on the working lives of myself and other team members, most particularly in recent months.”

Fiona said: “Barrie is the kindest, supportive and compassionate person. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Barrie, and he has ensured that we have been included in everything and has made us feel part of the wider team.”

Beth said: “Barrie has done an incredible job of looking after the community team in the midst of change, always being supportive and available for any help or queries, bringing the team together and keeping everyone informed. The rest of the team have found his support and leadership invaluable over the last 18 months, and I am truly grateful for the support I have received from him in the last few months.”

Alison said: “When a member of the team suggested a nomination for Barrie, the reply was ' we will all complete a nomination form' and that must speak loudly of the high regard Barrie is held by many colleagues. Everyone who has had the privilege of working with Barrie will know that he cares, he cares about individuals, he cares about how teams work together and he cares about the work that we do to make improvements for patients and the public. Every team needs a Barrie.”

After being awarded Star of the Month, Barrie said: “I was shocked, thrilled, humbled and moved at receiving the award and to hear the wonderful feedback from members of the commissioning and transformation team.

“I don’t think of myself as doing anything out of the ordinary as I am just being me and doing what I do – so it is amazing to get that kind of direct feedback and to know that you are having a positive impact on others and making a difference. Sometimes at the moment the challenge feels relentless and so it’s really important to have that sense of actually making a difference; whether small or on a larger scale.

“I also wanted to highlight that none of it is about the heroic efforts of one individual, and everything I do and achieve is a result of the incredible team that I am fortunate enough to be able to work with in commissioning and transformation.  A truly awesome team of highly talented individuals, always working very closely together in a collaborative and supportive way, and committed to driving transformation, change and improvements, and commissioning of services in the best ways possible to deliver benefits for our local population, and for the system, whilst also ensuring quality and safety, and value for money.”

The Star of the Month Award recognises the commitment and dedication of staff members who go above and beyond what is expected of them to make a difference to patients, the public and/or colleagues. Simon Whitehouse presented the awards in the NHS STW staff huddle, and reiterated how delighted he was to have two such individuals in the organisation.

To nominate for February’s Star of the Month which will be awarded in person at our All Staff Development Day, click here.

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