Join Dr Hilary Jones and guests for the latest Think Which Service Podcast: Think Cancer Screening

Join Dr Hilary Jones, known across the country as the resident doctor from 'Good Morning Britain', and his esteemed guests, Dr Carla Ingram, GP partner at Marden Medical Practice in Shrewsbury and Miranda Ashwell, LiveLife Project Lead at Lingen Davies Cancer Fund for the latest Think Which Service Podcast series 2, episode 4; Think Cancer Screening.  

Everybody fears Cancer, but it certainly isn't inevitable that everyone will get it. Our lifestyle and behaviour choices play an important part in preventing Cancer. What's good for your heart and good for your mental health is what's good for reducing cancer risk; eating a healthy high-fibre diet, being of a healthy weight, and keeping physically active are all important. 

Many cancers are preventable, and there are lifestyle changes and behaviours that can help reduce the risk of developing Cancer. Some of the most important lifestyle changes include not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and limiting exposure to the sun. Making changes to these areas of our lives can be challenging, but there are support services available for those looking to quit smoking or adopt healthier habits.  

Screening programs play a vital role in early cancer detection, especially for breast, cervical, and bowel cancers. Prompt action is crucial when noticing potential symptoms or concerns; seeking medical advice for persistent symptoms, particularly those involving bleeding or unusual changes in bodily functions, is crucial. Some people hesitate to seek medical attention due to fear of the outcome and embarrassment. Still, it is essential to seek help to rule out Cancer and allow for early detection and supportive healthcare services. Early detection can significantly improve treatment outcomes.  

There are over 200 different types of cancer that can cause many different signs and symptoms. Sometimes symptoms affect specific areas of the body, such as our tummy or skin. But signs can also be more general, and include weight loss, tiredness (fatigue) or unexplained pain. To find out more about the signs and symptoms of cancer, click here. 

The podcast explores a range of topics related to self-care and developing lifestyle choices that can help reduce one's risk of Cancer. It also explains cancer screening, the services available, and why they are important. Listen to this podcast and our other 'Think Which Service' podcasts here.  

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Page last updated 28 March 2024