Investing in green spaces to encourage exercise

Telford & Wrekin Council have invested £75,000 to help invigorate the borough's green spaces and encourage exercise in nature as part of its "Green Spaces Are Go" campaign.

The council gave various not-for-profit organisations grants to fund and collaborate on projects with the aim of helping to spark people's fitness journeys.

Over the summer, people have had the chance to immerse themselves in various activities ranging from archery, outdoor pursuits, hands-on conservation work, orienteering, football, Tai Chi, 'Parkour', and expertly guided sessions at several outdoor gyms. Campaign events will continue until into the winter.

The council is also investing in new geocaching trails, bench-to-bench walks, and nature-infused cycling lessons.

Green Spaces Are Go is an example of how collaborating with community groups and building improvements can contribute to health prevention.

By creating these opportunities makes it easier for people to live healthier lives by helping them lose weight and exercise more.

Studies have also found that regular use of parks or woodland for physical activity reduces the risk of poor mental health compared to other locations.

Telford and Wrekin boasts 23 nature reserves and over 300 green guarantee sites, all free and available to anyone. The events and improvements aimed to make these spaces more attractive to people to exercise in, as well as communicating to people how exercising in nature can give people a boost to their wellbeing.

Find out more about the benefits of exercising in a green space and find an event near you by visiting:

Page last updated 11 September 2023