Partnership working leads to job success

Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust work in partnership with Enable Shropshire (specialist mental health employment service) to provide an Individual Placement and Support Service (IPS) in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin. The service proactively supports people with disabilities, or mental health needs to find work suited to their interests and skills.

Sandi, an IPS client, her employer and Gemma, an employment specialist from Enable, tell PEP Talk about their experience of Enable.

Gemma Employment Specialist:

Sandi was referred into the Enable IPS Service from the Community Interventions East Pathway. Gemma, her Employment Specialist said:

It was a very gentle session, just getting to know one another a little bit, laying out what could be expected over the coming weeks as we move forward together. By the time the session ended Sandi was a little less anxious, and even gave me a smile when she said goodbye”

Following a confidence-boosting initial appointment, Sandi agreed to meet Gemma in a coffee shop instead of at the MPFT Hub. At each appointment, Gemma watched Sandi's confidence grow.

“As time went on her head pointed less and less towards the floor and more and more towards people, it was amazing to see her developing so quickly”

Over the coming weeks Gemma worked with Sandi on her main barrier to employment: her lack of self-confidence. By the fourth meeting Sandi felt comfortable enough to talk about jobs listings. This work wasn't without challenges, and Sandi understood that when things were tough, it was okay to slow down and step back as we needed to. Before too long, Sandi found a job and an employer that she wanted to pursue… The rest is history!

Sandi – IPS Client:

"I wanted to try and get a job but wasn't sure I had the confidence or ability to do it. I had no references; nobody could vouch for me. I didn't think that I had any real useable skills either. The job offer came as a bit of a surprise, as I thought that I just wouldn't hear back, and then suddenly I had a job! I was incredibly excited, and very emotional when my teenage son told me how proud he was of me. I felt like I had really achieved something again. Work has given me self-confidence, a sense of purpose and pride."

“Gemma has helped me not only get a job, but learn how to stop focusing on my weaknesses, recognise things I'm struggling with and how to rectify them. She worked with my employer to help them understand my needs and best of all she is the most compassionate and understanding human being I could have hoped to have helping me, and if I could have a pocket-sized version of her in my, well, pocket, for little pep talks then I would.”

Sandi’s employer:

"Working alongside Enable has given me some faith in our community, knowing there’s somebody out there looking out for people who need that extra care. Since Sandi has been on-board she has grown as an individual and has become an invaluable part of the team. It’s comforting knowing my team has followed my lead in making her feel comfortable re-entering the workplace." 

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