Joint Resource Capital Plans

The Health and Social Care Act 2022, sets out a new requirement for integrated care boards and their partner NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts to publish joint resource capital plans.

These plans should be produced annually and set out the plans for the coming financial year. In addition, these plans should be formally published by the ICB and reported against within their annual report. The 22/23 capital expenditure position for the system is now published here.

Click here to view the 2022/23 ICB Joint Resource Capital Plans


The National Health Service Act 2006, as amended by the Health and Care Act 2022 (the amended 2006 Act) sets out that an ICB and its partner NHS trusts and foundation trusts:

  • must before the start of each financial year, prepare a plan setting out their planned capital resource use
  • must publish that plan and give a copy to their integrated care partnership,  Health & Well-being Boards and NHS England
  • may revise the published plan - but if they consider the changes significant, they must re-publish the whole plan; if the changes are not significant, they must publish a document setting out the changes.

In line with the amended 2006 Act, ICBs are required to publish these plans before or soon after the start of the financial year and report against them within their annual report.

Click here to view the STW 23/24 capital plan

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Page last updated 21 April 2023