Cholesterol is a type of fat that circulates in your blood. 75% of cholesterol is made in the liver and 25% comes from the food we eat.

 We all need some cholesterol in our bodies just to keep us ticking over, but having too much can clog up your arteries which can increase your risk of having another heart attack or stroke.

There are different types of cholesterol which have different effects in the body. You might have heard about LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, which are the two main types.

  • LDL cholesterol is often called ‘bad cholesterol’ because too much of it can build up on inside of arteries and make it harder for blood to get through causing heart attacks and strokes.
  • HDL cholesterol is often called ‘good cholesterol’ because it carries cholesterol away from your cells, back to your liver to be broken down. So, it helps prevent disease.

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Page last updated 12 September 2023