• High-level information on a range of training, support and development programmes and initiatives can be found here – for more detail, and any queries, please contact the Training Hub at: stw.traininghub@nhs.net
  • For more information about the STW GP Fellowship Programme (for newly-qualified GPs) please click here.
  • For all Primary Care education and training requirements, queries and funding requests, please email: stw.traininghub@nhs.net
  • For queries about PCN workforce issues and other more general, strategic issues to do with practice development please email the Training Hub at: stw.traininghub@nhs.net
  • Please also see the TeamNet page on other training and education opportunities for practice staff
  • Finally, please see the weekly practice bulletin for links to relevant local and national education opportunities/webinars etc.

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Page last updated 18 May 2021